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how to end a friendship bracelet


friendship bracelets, those colorful woven tokens of camaraderie, are more than just accessories – they're symbols of friendship and creative expression.  But after all the braiding fun, how do you end a friendship bracelet to ensure it stays secure and showcases your handiwork for years to come? Don't worry, the finishing touch is just as important as the braiding itself, and it's surprisingly simple!

Understanding the Braided Ends

Once you've finished braiding your friendship bracelet, you'll likely have some excess cord left at each end.  These leftover strands are crucial – they're what you'll use to secure the bracelet and prevent it from unraveling.

how to end a friendship bracelet

Finishing with Knots

There are two main ways to end a friendship bracelet using knots, each offering a slightly different level of security:

  1. Overhand Knot: This simple knot is a great choice for beginners or for bracelets with thicker floss. Here's how to tie an overhand knot:

    • Take the two excess cords and hold them together side-by-side.

    • Make a loop with the cords by bringing one end over the other to form a circle.

    • Thread the two loose ends (the ends that weren't looped) down through the circle you just created.

    • Gently pull on both ends to tighten the knot.  Repeat this knot once more for added security.

  2. Square Knot:  This knot offers a more secure closure compared to the overhand knot. Here's how to tie a square knot:

    • Hold the two excess cords together like you did for the overhand knot.

    • Make a loop with one cord by bringing it over the other cord towards you.

    • Hold the loop in place with your thumb and index finger.

    • Take the other cord and thread it under the first cord, then up through the loop you created.

    • Now, take the first cord (the one that made the loop) and thread it under the second cord and down through the loop that the second cord just created.

    • Gently pull on both cords to tighten the knot.  Repeat this knot once more for extra security.

Additional Finishing Touches (Optional)

While knots provide a secure ending, you can also add a decorative touch to your friendship bracelet:

  • Trimming the Ends:  After tying your knot(s), you can trim the excess cord close to the knot using scissors. This creates a clean and finished look.

  • Melting the Ends (Caution!):  For a touch of added security and to prevent fraying, you can carefully melt the ends of the cord with a lighter.  Be very cautious with this method – hold the flame a safe distance away from the bracelet itself and only melt the very tips of the cord to avoid burning the floss.

  • Adding a Bead or Charm:  If you want to take your bracelet to the next level, consider incorporating a bead or charm at the end.  You'll need to create a small loop at the end of one or both cords before braiding to accommodate the bead or charm.

Choosing the Right Ending

The best way to end your friendship bracelet depends on the overall design and your desired look.  For a simpler bracelet with thicker floss, an overhand knot and trimmed ends might be sufficient.  For a more intricate design or thinner floss, a square knot with melted ends or a decorative bead could be a better choice.

Knowing how to end a friendship bracelet properly ensures your creation stays secure and looks its best. So, the next time you finish braiding a masterpiece, don't forget to add that finishing touch!  With a simple knot and a creative flourish, your friendship bracelet will be ready to be worn and cherished for years to come.

Bonus Tip:

For an extra layer of security, after tying your knot, you can apply a small dab of clear nail polish to the knot itself.  This will help prevent the knot from coming undone over time (be sure to let the nail polish dry completely before wearing the bracelet).

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