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how do i know if my scram bracelet detects alcohol


The scram bracelet (SCRAM CAM) is a common monitoring tool for those following court-ordered alcohol monitoring programs. But with its discreet design,  how do I know if my SCRAM bracelet detects alcohol? This guide will peel back the layers of SCRAM technology, explaining how it detects alcohol consumption and addresses frequently asked questions.

how do i know if my scram bracelet detects alcohol

Beyond the Basics: The Science Behind SCRAM Detection

SCRAM bracelets utilize a technology similar to breathalyzers – fuel cell technology.  Imagine a tiny battery inside the bracelet.  The fuel cell reacts with alcohol molecules present in your sweat, acting like a catalyst.  This reaction produces a small electrical current, with the amount of current directly proportional to the amount of alcohol detected.  In simpler terms, the more alcohol your SCRAM bracelet detects in your sweat, the stronger the electrical current produced.

Continuous Monitoring: Keeping Tabs on Alcohol Round the Clock

Unlike breathalyzers that require a single puff of air, SCRAM bracelets function continuously.  They typically take samples of your sweat every 30 minutes, providing a comprehensive picture of your alcohol consumption patterns throughout the day.  So, even if you try to time your drinking around potential monitoring periods, the SCRAM bracelet will likely catch on.  Here's an additional point to consider: sweating is a natural bodily function, and even minimal sweating is sufficient for the SCRAM bracelet to function.  Exercise or hot weather can increase sweating, but this won't trigger a violation unless you've consumed alcohol.

Understanding Violations: Thresholds and Consequences

A SCRAM bracelet violation occurs if the detected alcohol level surpasses a specific threshold set by the court.  This threshold is typically very low, designed to identify even minimal alcohol consumption.  It's important to understand and strictly comply with court-mandated alcohol restrictions and the specific terms of SCRAM bracelet use to avoid violations.  Remember, tampering with the SCRAM bracelet is a bad idea – they're equipped with tamper detection mechanisms, and any attempt to tamper will trigger an alert.

Additional Considerations and User Questions Answered

  • Can I drink mouthwash or use alcohol-based products while wearing a SCRAM bracelet? It's best to consult your probation officer for specific guidelines.  Generally, avoid using alcohol-based products around the area where the SCRAM bracelet is placed.


SCRAM bracelets utilize advanced technology to continuously monitor your sweat for the presence of alcohol. Understanding how this technology works and adhering to court-mandated restrictions is crucial for a successful monitoring experience.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding SCRAM bracelet use, remember, open communication with your probation officer is always your best course of action.

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