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how to make a parachute bracelet


parachute bracelets, also known as survival bracelets, are more than just cool-looking accessories.  Crafted from colorful paracord, these braided wonders are surprisingly durable and can even be unraveled for a long length of emergency cord in a pinch. But beyond their practical uses, creating your parachute bracelet is a fun and rewarding activity.  This guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps to weave your masterpiece!

Materials and Tools

To embark on your parachute bracelet adventure, you'll need a few key supplies:

  • Paracord: Choose at least two colors for a patterned design (with a total length of 6-8 feet recommended).

  • Scissors

  • Lighter (optional, for fusing cord ends – adult supervision required!)

  • Masking tape (optional, to secure loose cord ends)

  • Ruler (optional, to measure wrist size for desired bracelet length)

  • Buckle (optional, for a finished bracelet closure)

Understanding the Weave

The magic of parachute bracelets lies in a basic knotting technique.  Two fundamental knots form the foundation of the weave: the forward knot and the backward knot.  Mastering these knots is all you need to create stunning and intricate designs.

how to make a parachute bracelet

Choosing Your Design (Optional):

The beauty of parachute bracelets lies in their endless design possibilities.  A quick online search will reveal a treasure trove of color pattern inspiration.  Feel free to choose a pattern that catches your eye, or get creative and develop your unique design!

Tying the Forward Knot (Step-by-Step Guide with Visuals):

Now, let's get started with the knots!

  • A. Holding the Cords: Separate your paracord strands into two equal working groups.  One group will act as the base cord, and the other will be your working cord.

  • B. Creating the Forward Knot:  With your base cord, create a loop by holding one end in place and folding the cord back over itself.  Next, take your working cord and weave it underneath the base cord, then up through the loop you just created.  Finally, gently pull both cords to tighten the knot securely.

how to make a parachute bracelet

Tying the Backward Knot (Step-by-Step Guide with Visuals):

The backward knot is similar to the forward knot, but with a slight twist (pun intended!):

  • B. Creating the Backward Knot:  Similar to the forward knot, begin by weaving your working cord underneath the base cord.  However, instead of going up and over the base cord, weave it up and around the base cord.  Then, loop the working cord down through the loop you just created around the base cord.  Finally, pull both cords gently to tighten the knot.

how to make a parachute bracelet

Building Your Pattern

Now that you've mastered the knots, you're ready to bring your design to life!  The secret to your chosen pattern lies in alternating forward and backward knots according to your color scheme.  Simply follow your pattern, one knot at a time, and watch your bracelet take shape.

Finishing the Bracelet

Almost there! Here's how to secure your creation:

  • A. Securing the Ends: Once you've reached your desired bracelet length, there are a couple of ways to secure the ends.  You can carefully melt the cord ends using a lighter (with adult supervision!), which will fuse them to prevent fraying.  Another option is to use masking tape to secure the loose ends while you continue braiding until you reach a point where you can incorporate a buckle (if using one).

  • B. Adding a Buckle (Optional): If you opted for a buckle closure, there are various ways to incorporate it into your design.  A quick online search will provide tutorials for different buckle attachment methods.

Additional Tips

Here are some bonus tips to perfect your parachute bracelet:

  • Maintain consistent tension on both cords as you braid for a neat and even finished product.

  • Don't be afraid to practice your knots on scrap pieces of paracord before tackling your actual bracelet.

Creating your parachute bracelet is a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will you end up with a stylish and personalized accessory, but you'll also gain a new practical skill and the satisfaction of having made something yourself.  So grab your paracord, choose your colors, and get ready to weave your way to a little piece of wearable awesomeness!

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