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how to clean tiffany bracelet


Owning a Tiffany & Co. bracelet is a timeless treasure.  These exquisite pieces add a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to any outfit. But just like any precious item, proper care is essential to ensure your tiffany bracelet retains its brilliance for years to come. This guide will provide specific methods for cleaning your Tiffany bracelet, following the recommendations set forth by Tiffany & Co. themselves.

Understanding Your Tiffany Bracelet

The first step is to identify the material of your Tiffany bracelet.  Tiffany & Co. uses a variety of precious metals and materials in their creations, from classic sterling silver to gleaming gold and even delicate gemstones or pearls. Knowing the material is crucial for choosing the right cleaning method, as some techniques might be too harsh for certain materials.

how to clean tiffany bracelet

Cleaning Methods Based on Material (Following Tiffany & Co. Recommendations):

  • sterling silver bracelets:  For their iconic sterling silver bracelets, Tiffany & Co. recommends using their special silver jewelry cleaner.  This gentle formula is designed to safely remove tarnish and restore shine to your bracelet.  Follow the specific instructions provided by Tiffany & Co. when using their cleaner.  Typically, you'll apply a small amount to a soft cloth and gently rub the silver.  If you don't have Tiffany's cleaner on hand, you can use an alternative gentle cleaning method.  Fill a bowl with warm water, add a few drops of mild dish soap, and use a soft cloth to clean your bracelet.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

  • gold bracelets (14k, 18k):  For gold Tiffany bracelets,  a soft polishing cloth is your best friend.  Gently buff the gold surface with the cloth to remove any tarnish or dust and restore its natural shine.  Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the gold.

  • Other Materials (Optional):  Some Tiffany bracelets incorporate pearls, gemstones, or other unique materials.  These materials might require special care to avoid damage during cleaning.  If your Tiffany bracelet has elements beyond silver or gold, it's best to consult a jeweler or contact Tiffany & Co. directly for specific cleaning recommendations.

General Cleaning Tips:

Here are some general cleaning tips to keep in mind, regardless of the material of your Tiffany bracelet:

  • Always use soft cloths to avoid scratching the delicate surface of your bracelet.

  • Harsh chemicals, abrasives, and ultrasonic cleaners are a big no-no!  These can damage the metal or gemstones in your bracelet.

  • After cleaning your bracelet, rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaning residue.  Pat it dry completely with a soft cloth before storing it.

Professional Cleaning (Optional):

For heavily tarnished or particularly delicate Tiffany bracelets, consider seeking the expertise of a professional jeweler.  They have the tools and knowledge to safely and effectively clean your bracelet, ensuring it regains its original brilliance.


By following these simple cleaning tips and recommendations from Tiffany & Co., you can ensure your treasured Tiffany bracelet continues to radiate beauty and elegance for years to come.  Remember, proper care is an investment in maintaining the value and timeless appeal of your Tiffany piece.

Appendix (Optional):

For the latest information and recommendations on caring for your Tiffany & Co. jewelry, visit their official jewelry care page:

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