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are david yurman bracelets sterling silver


Ever wonder what your favorite david yurman bracelet is made of? It might be the classic silver you love, but there's more to the story! This guide will break down the materials behind the sparkle and how to keep your Yurman bracelet looking fresh.

David Yurman: Bracelets with Bite

David Yurman bracelets are all about gorgeous design and top-notch quality. They're perfect for stacking and layering to create your unique arm party. But what's under the hood?

are david yurman bracelets sterling silver

Material Mix Magic! What's in Your Yurman?

Sterling silver? You got it! It's a popular choice for its affordability and timeless look. But that's not all:

  • Gold Goals: Want to add some warmth? David Yurman offers bracelets in 14k or 18k yellow, white, or rose gold for a touch of luxury.

  • Mixed Match Mania: They also combine sterling silver with gold for a unique and trendy look.

  • Bringing it Up: Many David Yurman bracelets sparkle with diamonds and gemstones, making them extra special.

Keeping Your Yurman Sparkling

Here's how to care for your David Yurman bracelet depending on the material:

  • Sterling Silver Shine: Use a polishing cloth to keep it gleaming and avoid harsh chemicals.

  • Golden Touch: Gently buff your gold bracelet with a soft cloth and skip the harsh chemicals.

  • Gemstone Gorgeousness: Be mindful of delicate stones. Avoid dropping or yanking on your bracelet to prevent cracks. Consider getting your gems professionally cleaned every few years to keep them sparkling.

The Takeaway

So, David Yurman isn't just about sterling silver. They use a variety of materials to create their amazing bracelets. Understanding the materials just means you can take better care of your Yurman and keep it rocking for years to come. Now go forth and stack those bracelets high!

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